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OÜ Falkonet Metall

Lines of business

The main line of business of OÜ Falkonet Metall, founded in 1999, is the manufacture of metal furniture. Our product selection includes very wide range: we create furniture for facilities, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, Spas, healthcare centers, shopping malls, schools and kindergartens, etc.


OÜ Falkonett Metall is 100% based on Estonian capital and is owned by two proprietors.

The company started its activity in the spring of 1999 when the owners and founders of that time decided to launch the production of secure doors.
The first production facility was a relatively modest manufacturing plant of limited capacity located in Miiduranna which in previous years was used for manufacturing metal switchboards and device cabinets. As the facility was rented to new owners with equipment used for making cabinets, they saw this as an opportunity to experiment with the production of industrial furniture, in addition to the continuously increasing manufacture of secure doors.

By the start of 2000 company’s production capacity of doors as well as of metal industrial furniture had grown to such a degree that the Miiduranna manufacturing plant that once seemed to be big enough began to slow down the company’s development. So the owners had to look for a new and larger manufacturing space. A suitable production facility was found in Aruküla in Harju County. Previously, the Aruküla bread-baking plant had been in this building.
After reconstruction works, rearrangements and the installation of equipment bought from the Miiduranna production plant the company moved into the larger factory in Aruküla in the autumn of 2002, once again taking up the manufacture of doors and metal furniture.

The period of 1999-2001 was very significant for the company: the owner’s initial business idea of manufacturing secure doors had proved to be a real success for the new company.
In many blocks of flats wooden front doors were still used that did not measure up to even one security requirement. These doors were replaced quite quickly with decent and secure metal doors.
As the company was able to provide a product of reasonable price and high quality, the average order for doors in this period was around 300 per month.

A new and larger factory and well-going door-business gave the opportunity to develop the line of metal furniture significantly. Soon the metal furniture produced in Estonia was of such high quality that the company managed to take some big orders in Estonia and little by little market research was also conducted in Finland.
By 2002 the production capacity of and demand for metal furniture had reached so high that it was not possible to continue with the existing machinery. So the owners decided to invest in new equipment.

In 2002 about 6.5 million kroons were invested in the company, which at the time was considered to be a huge investment. Most of the resources were used for purchasing new production equipment.
New machines enabled needed details to be manufactured with an extremely high degree of precision and speed. This fact combined with cheap labour and the low price of raw material gave the impetus of entering into the high league of metal furniture producers.

The first important clients from the foreign market were Lindström OY from Finland and Prewo AB from Sweden. Stable delivery contracts were signed with both clients and special cabin-series were designed that were delivered only to those clients.
As the percentage of export in the total production continued to rise, in 2003 it was decided to pull most of the resources from door production and put all efforts into manufacturing metal furniture.

Since changes in the group of shareholders in 2004 OÜ Falkonet Metall has become a dynamically developing company the economic indicators of which are better with each year and that has received recognition from foreign partners as well as from local finance companies.


In 2006 OÜ Falkonett Metall ranked in the top 100 Estonian Furniture Producers by AS Äripäev as high as #10 and in 2007 as #3. Also, OÜ Falkonett Metall was recognised (2006- 2017) by AS Krediidiinfo and Experian with the Certificate of a Successful Estonian Company with the rating AAA (excellent). This rating is calculated on the basis of the economic indicators of the company’s last financial year.


At the moment the company employs 65 people of which the majority are engaged in the production process and performing storing tasks. The company also has its own Administration Department, which includes the Sales and Accounts Department and is managed by the executive director.
It is the goal of the company to sell its produce directly to end consumers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Finland and also in Sweden, the most recently added target market.
The mission of OÜ Falkonet Metall is to offer produce with the best combination of price and quality in all the Baltic countries.