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Delivery terms

The following delivery terms apply if OÜ Falkonet Metall and the client have not made any other written agreement.

1. Order confirmation
All orders are confirmed in writing. The client shall check the accuracy of and delivery dates set in the order confirmation. Reminders or comments regarding possible defects shall be presented in writing no later than five days after the order confirmation date.

2. Changes to the order confirmation
The client’s desire to change the content of the order or the delivery date after the order confirmation date incurs additional costs and the new delivery date shall be determined by OÜ Falkonet Metall according to current situation. However, possible changes and specifications to the order confirmation shall be made at least two weeks before the delivery date agreed upon.

3. Delivery dates
Delivery dates are set separately for each order.

4. Payment terms according to contract or agreement.
Fine for delay shall be calculated according to terms established in the invoice.

5. Transport and installation are agreed upon separately.

6. Possible reminders regarding deliveries or defects shall be presented in writing no later than five days after the order receipt date.

7. All our products have two years of warranty during which possible defects resulting from production or raw material shall be compensated for. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from the improper use, management or transport of our products. Warranty period starts from the date of issuing the invoice.

8. OÜ Falkonet Metall holds the right of ownership of products until the client has paid for the order in full. The client shall compensate to OÜ Falkonet Metall for costs and damage resulting from the cancellation of the contract and return of furniture.

9. In case a delivery includes also certain services (for example, transport, moving and installation of products), the price of these services is agreed upon separately from the order.

10. Orders are always based on an agreed delivery date and price.
Delivery date is a date when products are loaded to a vehicle at OÜ Falkonet Metall.

11. Prices are valid without a term. OÜ Falkonet Metall reserves the right to change prices and products.

12. Inspections
During installation and disassembling works the following inspections will be conducted, if necessary:
– initial inspection before starting with works;
– delivery inspection after finishing installation works.

13. Termination of installation works and its consequences
The client is responsible for damage and costs incurred to him or to third parties due to the improper storage or place of installation of products. OÜ Falkonet Metall is not responsible for delayed delivery or costs resulting from it due to causes beyond the control of OÜ Falkonet Metall. Also, OÜ Falkonet Metall is not responsible for damage or costs resulting from the misuse of furniture.

14. Right to receive compensation
In case the client applies for compensation on the basis of the contract, the client shall cover costs incurred by the investigation of circumstances.

15. Special terms
In case the client shall not fulfil his responsibilities agreed upon in the contract, the client is held responsible for the resulting damage and OÜ Falkonet Metall has the right to deliver an invoice for costs incurred.

16. Other terms
The client is responsible for obtaining all required permits from government offices. Prices set in the offer apply when transport, lifting, installation, storage and other similar works can be done without obstruction according to the schedule agreed upon. Additional works shall be paid for by the client according to the currently valid price list. The client is responsible for lighting the installation site and cleaning it from all kinds of disturbing objects and materials before the works start and to provide unobstructed access to the installation site.

17. Force majeure
OÜ Falkonet Metall is not obligated to fulfil its contractual obligations in case the delivery of the furniture or a part of it is hindered by a natural disaster, fire, machine breakdown or any other disturbance of similar consequences, lockout, strike, war, mobilisation, embargo on export or import, lack of means of transport, termination of production, traffic disturbance or any other obstruction that is beyond the control of OÜ Falkonet Metall. Also, OÜ Falkonet Metall is not obligated to fulfil the contract in case this implies activity that is unfair toward OÜ Falkonet Metall when compared to the profit it brings. OÜ Falkonet Metall is not obligated to compensate to the client or third parties for damage incurred by the non-fulfilment of the contract and OÜ Falkonet Metall has the right to cancel the contract.