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OÜ Falkonet Metall manufactures its products on modern computer-operated metal-processing workbenches. We ensure the quality of our metal furniture by making all our products from certified raw materials and having each product pass internal enterprise quality control.

Closets are made from 0.7 mm thick cold-rolled steel sheets. Structures are reinforced with rectangular tubes.
The enterprise acquires metal materials based on long-term partnership relationships and quality certificates issued by manufacturing plants and accompanying each shipment. The metal materials are acquired from Russia.

Closet structures are connected with the spot-welding method.
Closet paint is applied with powder-coating technology. We use the special powder paints for metal produced by Akzo Nobel. The paint is attached to closet elements by heating.

Raw materials are stored in compliance with all their manufacturer’s stipulated and recommended provisions, thus ensuring preservation of initial quality.
We have a separate warehouse for finished products.

Work operations and management activities are carried out by employees with the corresponding professional education or training.

Elements are made on an AMADA 258 EUROPE metal-processor.
The maximum throughput capacity of the workbench is 20 tons, the processed sheet size – 1250×3000 mm, the processed sheet thickness – 4 mm maximum, cutoff precision is +/- 0.1 mm.

Elements are cut on an AMADA PROMECAM GS-630 guillotine.
The processed sheet dimensions: thickness 6 mm maximum, width 3000 mm maximum.

Elements are bent on an AMADA HFT 80-25 bending workbench.
Its bending capacity is 80 tons and the maximum length of the bent detail – 2500 mm.

Elements are powder-coated on ITW GEMA equipment.