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Environmental policy of OÜ Falkonet Metall

Falkonet Metall takes environmental responsibility for its operation. Sustainable development is one of the cornerstones of good business management. In addition, the goals of economic growth and a healthy environment are intertwined. We strive to ensure that our policy and business activities would favour sustainable development, fulfilling the needs of the present day and without damaging future needs. Environmental rights and responsibilities are set for each level of our company. One of our goals is to systematically use and take into use such products and working methods that would reduce pollution and health risk factors.

OÜ Falkonet Metall
• adheres to principles that continuously help to restore the environment, assessing regularly environmental impacts related to its operation and preventing as well as reducing harmful influence on the environment

• keeps in its operation all relevant environmental laws, international treaties and conventions

• applies all preventive methods at its disposal to avoid or minimise pollution and accident risks

• considers the possible environmental impact of a new technology, machine or material to be taken into use to be an aspect as important as its price, profitability and productivity

• follows in its activity the principle of recycling and prefers to use technologies that save more energy and are more environmentally friendly. In case of two products that have the same price, quality and function, the company favours the one that is more environmentally friendly.

• complies with laws, instructions and regulations regarding permits and other environmental legislation of general application regulating its activity

• develops products and processes that would place less stress on the environment, avoiding or reducing pollution and using resources in a sparing way

• teaches employees to understand the impact of their work on the development and to act in a responsible way toward the environment as well as fellow employees

• openly exchanges reliable information with neighbouring residents, authorities and other interested parties

• cooperates with other companies and organisations, ensuring thus that it can fulfil its goals and promote environmentally friendly lifestyle

• ensures that all employees have a unified aim of creating and maintaining a good working environment. Our goal is to prevent health problems and occupational accidents as well as to create a pleasing working environment. Every employee bears responsibility for the safety and well-being of fellow employees at the workplace.