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Clothes lockers of Falkonet Metall are manufactured of high-quality cold-rolled steel. Standard closet bodies and doors are made from 0.7-mm-thick steel sheets. Doors are reinforced from the inside with a special door frame made of rectangular tubes. On special order the doors can be made from 1.0-mm-thick steel sheets. All seams are connected with spot-welding which ensures the sturdy construction and long life of lockers.
Standard models include a cylinder lock or a padlock, a shelf for hats, clothes rail supports and 2 hooks, vents in the ceiling and bottom of the locker.
Clothes lockers manufactured on special order can be connected to the in-house forced ventilation system.

Dimensions of the 1KGK series. Bottom depth 146 mm.

RAL7035 Standard body colour RAL9016 Traffic White RAL1001 Beige RAL1017 Saffron Yellow
RAL2001 Red Orange RAL3000 Flame Red RAL3014 Antique Pink RAL4004 Claret Violet
RAL5017 Traffic Blue RAL5024 Pastel Blue RAL6005 Moss Green RAL6032 Signal Green
RAL6034 Pale Turquoise RAL7032 Pebble Grey RAL7040 Window Grey RAL8014 Sepia Brown
RAL9005 Jet Black


Code Width mm Height mm Depth mm
1KGK1/300 300 2085 545
1KGK2/300 600 2085 545
1KGK3/300 900 2085 545
1KGK4/300 1200 2085 545
1KGK1/400 400 2085 545
1KGK2/400 800 2085 545
1KGK3/400 1200 2085 545