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Movable shelves



Movable shelves represent the most compact solution for maximum utilisation of the available archival space. Movable shelves form a mobile archiving system and enable doubling of the existing or new archives’ volume.
Movable shelves are conventional stationary shelves attached to undercarriages, with two stationary shelve modules standing back-to-back on one common undercarriage.
Depending on how heavy the stored materials are and the precise room dimensions, a movable shelf system comprises between 1 and 10 shelf sections moved on floor rails and one service aisle.
Movable shelves are opened by shifting the manual gear (handle) in the desired opening direction.
Our movable shelves comply with compulsory European quality norms and standards.
The shelves are powder-coated for protection against corrosion. The standard shelf colour is light grey, RAL7035.
The undercarriages have welded frames. The running gear contains metal ball bearings.


We offer movable shelf dimensions on the basis of client preferences and corresponding room dimensions.

RAL7035 Standard body colour RAL9016 Traffic White RAL1001 Beige RAL1017 Saffron Yellow
RAL2001 Red Orange RAL3000 Flame Red RAL3014 Antique Pink RAL4004 Claret Violet
RAL5017 Traffic Blue RAL5024 Pastel Blue RAL6005 Moss Green RAL6032 Signal Green
RAL6034 Pale Turquoise RAL7032 Pebble Grey RAL7040 Window Grey RAL8014 Sepia Brown
RAL9005 Jet Black